To add a section or boxes to a page on your site, click "Add Section" on a new or existing page:

In the pop-up that opens, navigate to the "Boxes" category on the left: 

Select the ideal number of boxes and layout for your section and start editing! 

Note: depending on your template, you may see a "Content Options"
button at the top of your section. Those options allow you to feature
FMG Suite library content in your section. Click here to learn more!

Once you've started editing your section, you may change your mind and decide you need fewer boxes or would like a different layout. Well there's no need to start from scratch!
Simply click the "gear" icon on your section to open the settings:

Below are examples of each type of "Boxes" section you can add:

2 Boxes-Text

3 Boxes-Image

4 Boxes-Icon

To learn more about sectional editing, watch our webinar:

Webinar Wizardry: A Look at Your Website Tools

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