To create a brand new page, navigate to Website >> Pages, then click "Add Page:"

First, enter a headline for your page and take this chance to customize the URL for your new page:

Click here to learn more about the "Page Actions" you see at the
top of your new page: "Copy," "Add a Popup" and "Add Pin"

  • Page Headline: This headline will appear at the top of your new page (unless you choose not to display this text). This text will also appear on search engine results and in the browser as the title of your page. 

  • Navigation Path: This text will be generated automatically and will be part of the URL for your new page. As you can see in the example above, we simply take your page headline and turn that into your navigation path - but you have the option to customize that text here.
    Say, for example, that your page headline is rather long. Perhaps a shorter navigation path would be ideal. 

After you've named your page, you'll use our sectional editing tools to add content and build your page. 

Click here to learn more about sectional editing.

"Save Draft" and preview your page before you "Publish" to be sure the layout is ideal. You can also save the page as a draft to return to later. 

When you're happy with your new page and ready to submit your content to compliance for the first time, you'll have the opportunity to add this page to your navigation:

Don't worry! If you don't choose to add this page to your menu at this step, you can always go back and add a link to this page in your navigation. 

Click here to learn about adding internal links to your menu.

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