Our content gating feature is a great way to gather leads from your website: before visitors can access certain content on your site, they must first provide their name and email address. This contact information will be stored in your admin so you can follow up with your leads.

You can enable page gating on the following types of pages/content:

  • Resource Library - found in the "Content Library" in your admin; the content gating settings here will apply to all of your Resource Library content (you cannot "gate" individual pieces of content)

  • Custom Pages - you can "gate" individual pages by navigating to the preferred page under Website >> Pages and clicking the button below ("Add a Popup")

  • System Pages - you can "gate" the system pages by navigating to Website>>Popups and configuring the individual pages from there

  • Blog Posts - you can "gate" individual blog posts by navigating to Website >> Blog

To "gate" a page, first, navigate to the page you'd like to gate and click the "Add A Popup" button:

In the Lead Generation Popup modal, select "Access Gated Content," and then click the "Publish Popup" button:

Voila! The page has now been gated!

You can decide who sees this required form when they attempt to view content on your website by navigating to Website>>Popups:

On the Lead Generation Popups Page, locate the Access Gated Content section and click "Configure Popup":

On the Configure Popup modal, you can choose to require this information for visitors coming from the following places:

  • All Traffic (this is the default when gating is enabled on a page)

  • Social Media Only (for example: if you share a blog post on Facebook, you can choose to collect contact information for visitors who click that Facebook post in order to read your blog)

  • Search Engines Only (this is often called "organic" traffic)

  • Social Media/Search Engines (this will gate from both social media and search engine sources)

Note: if a visitor to your website has already provided their contact information, we will not display this form again. 

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